April 1, 2002Management

Creation of AGC Group Vision, "Look Beyond"

Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (head office: Tokyo; President: Shinya Ishizu, referred to as "AGC" hereunder) has developed its group vision titled "Look Beyond", so that it can be shared by AGC and its group companies (the "Group").

We have been carrying out various measures under the mid-term management plan "StoG2003" that was announced in April 2001. However, we have seen significant changes in the business environment since the adoption of the plan, and we foresee that business environment will continue to change further for the future. In such circumstances, it has become an urgent necessity for the Group to show a clear vision for the future to our stakeholders, such as customers, business partners, shareholders, society and employees, in a long-term perspective.
Based on such understanding, we have decided to adopt and announce the AGC Group Vision, "Look Beyond", taking the opportunity of the commencement of the integrated group management on a global basis from 1st of April, along with the introduction of the In-house Company System.

"Look Beyond", as the slogan, captures and express our spirit, i.e. "to anticipate and envision the future", "to have perspectives beyond our own fields of expertise" and "to pursue innovations, not becoming complacent with the status quo". The Vision "Look Beyond" is comprised of the following;

  1. "Our Mission"

    We, the AGC Group, "Look Beyond" to make the world a brighter place. It reaffirms the Group's reason for being, by focusing on the value we bring to the world.


  2. "Our Shared Values"

    Our four Shared Values, as described below, are to be adopted and followed by all members of the Group and are of the foremost importance in accomplishing Our Mission. They will serve as the basis for every judgement we make and action we take collectively and individually.

    (1) Innovation & Operational Excellence

    • Pursuit of innovations in technology, products, services, business models and human resources
    • Continuous improvement in our operations for maximum efficiency and quality

    (2) Diversity

    • Respect for individuals with different cultures, capabilities and personalities.
      Global management without regard to nationality, gender or background

    (3) Environment

    • Contribution to a sustainable society as good global citizens

    (4) Integrity

    • Open and fair relationships with all of our stakeholders based on the highest ethical standards.
  3. "Our Objectives"

    The Group strives to excel as a highly profitable, fast-growing global enterprise that is a global materials and components supplier based on its core technologies in glass, fluorine chemistry and their related fields. The Group endeavors to be the leader in every market in which it competes.

    In order to realize the above, we will;

    (1) Concentrate Business Areas to Maximize Group Value

    • To concentrate our resources on three major business areas: materials and components for Glazing, Display and Electronics & Energy.
    • To strive to excel as a global enterprise that could always ensures ROE of around 15% by taking the business strategies suitable for the respective business areas with different shape of growth.

    (2) Enhance Competitiveness by Leveraging the Group's Core Competencies

    • To pursue on a global scale leadership, operational excellence, continuous innovation and a fully customer-oriented approach, based on the Group's strength, i.e. the world's top market positions in architectural glass, automotive glass and display glass, and top-level technologies in glass, fluorine chemistry and their related fields.

    (3) Execute Management by Global Teams

    • To manage our businesses with "global teams" of the most talented people, without regard to nationality or background, in order to build and enhance our competitive advantage
  4. "Our Principles"

    In order to accomplish Our Mission, we have developed Our Principles as a set of guidelines and an extension of the four Shared Values as mentioned above.

We will proceed to share and implement this Group Vision "Look Beyond" by all the companies of the Group including overseas, and will develop the next mid-term management plan for the period starting from April 2003 in accordance with the Vision. We, the AGC Group, will continue to contribute to the advancement of mankind by realizing, and evolving with this Vision, "Look Beyond".
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