March 1, 2013Environment & CSR

Women’s Advancement Initiatives Result in Nadeshiko Brand Selection

Further Employment and Promotion of Female Employees

With the aim of making the most of diversity in the workplace, AGC Asahi Glass places developing the talents of female employees as one of the top priorities. It has taken a series of measures to actively recruit skilled female staff and implemented necessary systems and frameworks for creating a workplace environment in which women can demonstrate their abilities.

With regard to recruitment, in 2011 AGC Asahi Glass set a target that 20% or more of new graduates hired for career-track positions be female; in 2015, 9.8% of the new graduates hired were female. In order to create a supporting environment, AGC Asahi Glass created a waiting list rehiring system that registers female employees who have left the company but hope to return to work. The system prioritizes this list over the external human resource market. In addition, AGC Asahi Glass introduced a mentoring system for female employees, through which senior female staff provide guidance to junior female staff. AGC Asahi Glass also set up a daycare support system through which it establishes corporate contracts with daycare centers, ensuring support for employees who have difficulty starting or returning to work due to a lack of nursery space. As of 2015, AGC Asahi Glass has concluded contracts with five daycare centers in Tokyo, Yokohama and elsewhere. This system is available to both male and female employees.

Trends in Percentage of Female Managers (Note 1)

FY Proportion of female employees
2011 4.4%
2012 4.8%
2013 4.9%
2014 5.1%
2015 5.2%
  • (Note 1) The data above is calculated based on manager positions of AGC Asahi Glass, which are not consistently defined for the AGC Group as a whole, therefore it does not allow simple comparison with other global data.

Proportion of Female New Graduates Recruited for General Career-Track Positions

FY Proportion of female employees
2011 20.9%
2012 22.9%
2013 30.0%
2014 20.8%
2015 9.8%

Employment of Senior Citizens

In April 2006, AGC Asahi Glass introduced a system to continuously employ retiring non-managers who meet the personnel criteria for continuous employment. The criteria are provided for in the labor-management agreement, with the aim of utilizing the expertise, technologies and skills of retirees. Since 2013, the company has been gradually raising the age limit of employees eligible to apply for continuous employment, in accordance with a revision of the Law Concerning Stabilization of Employment of Older Persons, and plans to abolish age limitations by 2025.

Similarly, going beyond legal stipulations, AGC Asahi Glass will gradually raise its retirement age, currently set at 60, from 2015, bringing it up to 65 by 2025. This will allow employees over 60 to continue thriving in important positions in the workplace.

Looking forward, AGC Asahi Glass will remain committed to providing work opportunities where employees with diverse backgrounds and high motivation can fully display their abilities and make use of their experience, regardless of age.

Transitions in the number of continuously employed individuals aged 60 or more

FY Number of reemployed retirees Number of retirees Continuous employment rate
2011 73 132 55.3%
2012 82 122 67.2%
2013 109 159 68.6%
2014 90 106 84.9%
FY Employees over age 60 that chose retirement Total employees age 60 or over Percentage of employees working after age 60
2015 90 118 76.3%
  • (Note) Since 2015 AGC Asahi Glass has steadily increased the retirement age for employees. (The retirement age for employees aged 60 in 2015 was 62)

Reference: retirement age for employees based on date of turning 60 (up to 2021)

Age turning 60 Retirement age
2016 62
2017 63
2018 63
2019 64
2020 64
2021 65

Employment of People with Disabilities

AGC Asahi Glass has expanded the employment opportunities for people with disabilities in order to promote diversity. In 2008, the employment rate of people with disabilities exceeded the rate designated by law (1.80%) for the first time, since which the rate has been constantly above the statutory rate. It continued this trend in 2015 with an employment rate of 2.15% as of the end of the year. AGC Asahi Glass will continue to make efforts to further raise the employment rate by fostering cooperation with relevant organizations.

Employment Rate of People with Disabilities

FY Number of people with disabilities (actual number) Employment rate
2011 104 1.94%
2012 107 2.00%
2013 110 2.07%
2014 110 2.10%
2015 110 2.15%

The Special Subsidiary, AGC Sunsmile

In 2002, AGC Asahi Glass established AGC Sunsmile as a special subsidiary with a view to increasing the employment of people with intellectual disabilities. Since its foundation, the company has been cooperating with relevant organizations to provide a better work environment for employees with high motivation. Employees of this company, which has three bases in the Keihin, Sagami and Osaka areas, are engaged mainly in cleaning at the business locations and company residences of AGC Asahi Glass.

The Asahi Glass Kansai Plant (Takasago Factory), has created a Green Smile Team within the Human Resources group in an initiative to create opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to work actively on greening activities and cleaning work at the plant. Meanwhile, the Asahi Glass Chiba Plant organized a team of employees with disabilities to take responsibility for cleaning duties, and is working to expand opportunities for them in new types of work. The plant is striving to promote the employment of people with disabilities and create an environment in which they can work comfortably.

AGC Asahi Glass will continue to increase the number of these bases and expand the jobs and staff of the company so as to achieve more employment of people with disabilities.