Dragontrail is a light-weight, flexible, and scratch resistant glass with outstanding strength, used as a protective cover glass for electronic devices. Manufactured by the float process, a stable production method ensured to serve the growing demand of the globally expanding cover glass market.


  • Smartphone
  • Tablet PC
  • Note PC
  • Other electronic devices


  • A large number of major brands worldwide have chosen DragontrailTM series to protect their devices
    • DragontrailTM series has been used by major brands of electronic devices worldwide since its market release.
    • And the electronics devices that use DragontrailTM series is increasing even today.
  • Arrival of a strong, shiny and innovative glass
    • Smartphones and tablet PCs, whose use is rapidly increasing in the world in recent years, are primarily designed based on a touch panel comprising most of the surface of the devices. Thus there has been a demand for glass that does not break or get scratched, and which is thin, light, shiny and beautiful. However, glass is usually thought of as being thick and heavy, and to easily break. Furthermore, plastic materials had the problem of being easily scratched and issues surrounding texture.
    • DragontrailTM series is an innovative glass that best suits new generation mobile devices since it has qualities that are superior to glass and plastic in all areas of strength, scratch resistance, and texture.
  • Non-usage of materials hazardous to the environment (Lead, arsenic, antimony)
    • In the AGC Group, we are continuously improving to develop and supply products that reduce burden to the environment through the life cycle (procurement, production, sale, distribution, use, and disposal) of the product.
    • To show our commitment to produce and expand environmentally friendly products, lead, arsenic, antimony are not used at all throughout the process of manufacture of our DragontrailTM product series.