What is CCL?
It is an abbreviation for Copper Clad Laminate.
CCL is formed by lamination of copper foil onto both sides of resin impregnated glass fabric sheets. After processing the end products are electronic circuits as part of printed wiring boards.
AGC Multi Material CCLs use low dielectric loss resin systems, such as PTFE resin system and various thermosetting resin systems.


  • General electronic circuit board applications
  • High-speed communication applications (4G-LTE, 5G base stations / Radar applications)
  • Automotive-ADAS_Radar uses
  • Avionic-Radar uses

Applications include communication, automotive, aerospace, medical, and many more.
5G is an abbreviation for "5th Generation Mobile Communication System." It is fast enough to download a 2 hour movie in seconds.
With the widespread use of 5G, it may be possible not only to improve the communication speed and reduce delays, but also to realize things that were not possible with conventional communication speeds. Advances in one area rely on technological growth from other areas in the supply chain.
Vehicle-to-Vehicle V2X communication systems and Smart Cities are the next steps.


  • Wide product lineup from digital to RF domain
  • Material development centered on low dielectric loss resin systems
  • Resin coating technology
  • Electrical characteristics evaluation technology
  • Various analysis technologies
  • Global production and sales support

About product lineup

AGC provides laminate products that can be used in a variety of applications.
Multi Material General Division manages AGC’s CCL business.
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