This glass substrate is suitable as a carrier substrate for the process in semiconductor packaging. It is characterized by flatness and smoothness.
The shape corresponds to wafers such as Φ300 mm or panel sizes such as 500 mm square.


  • Carrier glass for wafer level packaging
  • Carrier glass for panel level packaging


In recent years, the technology of packaging in a state of wafer (wafer level packaging) has become widespread, replacing the conventional packaging by individual piece. As a result, the needs are growing for glass as a carrier substrate in the packaging process of semiconductor.

AGC offers a glass wafer and a glass panel which are high quality and easy to use.

It supports a wafer size φ300 mm and others, and a panel size equivalent to 500 mm square and others. Additionally, it also supports the requirement of high flatness, high smoothness, notch, and ID marking.


  • Support a wafer size with φ300mm and others, and a panel size equivalent to □500mm and others
  • Support high flatness and high smoothness
  • Support notch, serially numbering, and noncontact/contact packaging