Message from the President

We are engaged in a global life science business, centering on contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) activities, where we develop manufacturing processes for and manufacture pharmaceutical and agrochemical components. AGC is known as a materials manufacturer, and our life science business has a long history. In 1973, the life science team was launched as a research unit, and commercial operations began in 1985. Today, we have established a series of highly integrated business sites, in Japan, the US and Europe. We provide services in a wide range of fields, from synthetic pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals that leverage fluorination technologies historically fostered in AGC’s other businesses, to biopharmaceuticals, demand for which has grown globally, as well as leading-edge cell and gene therapies, and messenger RNAs.

Various challenges and technological advances, such as the growing global population, aging population in developed countries, and the increasing complexity of the structure of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, are accelerating the trend toward pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies contracting out development and manufacturing functions to CDMOs that have advanced capabilities and stable manufacturing systems. AGC will continue to contribute to solving these challenges and the further development of technologies by deploying our extensive track records and world-class service systems.

Under the brand statement "Your Dreams, Our Challenge," we take on challenges to bring new technologies that are still in the early stages of development to life, and strive with all our energy for a brighter future for our customers, patients, and the wider society as a whole.

Tadashi Murano
President of Life Science Company