What is CCL?
It is an abbreviation for Copper Clad Laminate.
An insulating plate obtained by stacking a sheet (prepreg) impregnated with resin on a base material such as paper or glass, and applying heat treatment under pressure is called a laminated plate.
A material that is the basis of all circuits and printed wiring boards, and ultimately forms electronic circuits on the surface and is used as printed wiring boards.


  • General electronic circuit board applications
  • High-speed communication applications (4G-LTE, 5G base stations / Radar applications)
  • Automotive-ADAS_Radar uses
  • Avionic-Radar uses

Applications range from communications, automobiles, aerospace, and more.
5G is an abbreviation for "5th Generation" and means "5th Generation Mobile Communication System."
This is the next generation of 4G (LTE-Advanced), and is fast enough to download a 2 hour movie in seconds.
With the widespread use of 5G, it may be possible not only to improve the communication speed and reduce delays, but also to realize things that were not possible with conventional communication speeds.


  • Wide product lineup from digital to RF domain
  • Material development centered on PTFE
  • Resin coating technology
  • Electrical characteristics evaluation technology
  • Various analysis technologies
  • Global production and sales support

To achieve 5G, electronic circuits suitable for low loss and high frequency are required.
AGC provides all kinds of 5G CCL products, such as smartphones, servers, and 5G base station antenna equipment, by using our unique manufacturing technology and low-loss materials.
We are also developing materials for automotive antennas and 6G, using our own fluororesin “Fluon+TM EA-2000”, which is indispensable for realizing “high-speed, large-capacity communications”.

About product lineup

AGC provides CCL substrates that can be used in a variety of fields, from 4G / 5G mobile communication applications, autonomous driving Radar applications, to aerospace applications.

Properties of major products