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AGC Asahi Glass Holding “FEEL! GLASS” Exhibition to Celebrate its 110th Anniversary

– Glass Installations Unveiled at Milano Design Week on Display in Omotesando, Tokyo – Dates: Nov. 20 (Mon.) – 26 (Sun.), 2017 Location: Space O, Omotesando Hills Main Building B3F

AGC Asahi Glass (AGC), a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, announces today that it will hold an exhibition entitled “FEEL! GLASS” in Omotesando, Tokyo, where all works unveiled at Milano Design Week between 2015 and 2017 will be on display once more. In addition, AGC’s history of contributing to industry and society over the past 110 years will be introduced as well as its latest technological challenges to create future possibilities for glass.


Ever since its foundation in 1907, AGC has provided cutting-edge products in response to the needs of the times for the building, automotive, display and other industries, and it is continuing to look for new areas of potential for glass and developing products for these new areas. In 2015, AGC participated in Milan Design Week, a global design festival, for the first time because it recognizes that the design perspective resulting from the inspiration of architects and designers is important to further expand the potential of glass, in addition to ideas to date that have been based on a technical perspective. Since then, AGC has participated in this global event for three consecutive years, unveiling various works created in collaboration with designers. Over 100 thousand visitors have seen these works which drastically change the image of glass that people have had to date, and these exhibits have been covered extensively by media in Japan and abroad.

This exhibition shows the various cutting-edge technologies unveiled in Milan, including glass on which images can be projected, glass that is thin and light but strong, and glass with a diverse range of textures. It is a special space where people can experience the future of glass that was created in collaboration with the ideas of leading designers from Japan and abroad.
Please come and see the evolution of glass and experience its new potential presented by AGC, a world leader in glass for architecture, automobiles and displays.

Venue Setup

1. 110th Anniversary Area

This area introduces AGC’s history of contributing to industry and society over that past 110 years and its latest technology, which provides a glimpse into the future of glass.

2. Milano Design Week Area

Here, exhibits unveiled at Milano Design Week over the past 3 years are on display. They provide inspiration for the future of glass.


Three-meter-high glass panels on which images can be projected are positioned meticulously and dynamically to create a new visual space with an image of a glacier where visitors can experience the transparency and reflective properties unique to glass.
Space Design: ARTENVARCH (Norihisa Kawashima, Keika Sato)
Art & Technical Direction: LUFTZUG (Yutaka Endo)
Visual Design: qubibi (Kazumasa Teshigawara)


2. 2016 Amorphous

This is a scale model of the molecular structure of glass with its atoms magnified one billion times, created with various kinds of thin chemically strengthened glass. Inspired by the “amorphous (lacking a single fixed structure)” molecular structure of glass, this whimsical exhibit made with thin and light pieces of glass will drastically change the image of glass that people have had to date.
Space Design: NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
Lighting Design: Izumi Okayasu


3. 2017 Touch

An interactive exhibit that focuses on experiencing the “Feel of Glass.” Displayed glass objects and playful items will encourage visitors to touch glass surfaces and enjoy moving, tapping and drawing on them. Visitors will enjoy the feel of glass born of processes such as molding, figuring, chemical processing and coating.
Exhibit Design:Jin Kuramoto, Raw-Edges


Reference Information

AGC Group

AGC Asahi Glass (or also called AGC, Registered Company name: Asahi Glass Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Tokyo, President & CEO: Takuya Shimamura) is the parent company of the AGC Group, a world-leading glass solution provider and supplier of flat, automotive and display glass, chemicals, ceramics and other high-tech materials and components. Based on more than a century of technical innovation, the AGC Group has developed a wide range of cutting-edge products. The Group employs some 50,000 people worldwide and generates annual sales of approximately 1.3 trillion Japanese yen through business in about 30 countries.

Milan Design Week

The “Milan Design Week”, one of the largest design festivals in the world, has been held every April in Milan, Italy since 1961. Approximately 1,000 events (Fuori Salone) in which designers and other creative people compete with unique designs are held simultaneously during the festival at various locations in Milan, and all of these events are now collectively called “Milan Design Week.”


Title AGC Asahi Glass 110th Anniversary
Glass Installation from Milan Design Week
Dates/Times General Public November 20 (Mon) – 26 (Sun) 2017 (7 days)
11:00 – 20:00
* Hours: Until 4:30 pm on Nov. 22 (Wed.), until 6:00 pm on last day.
* Entrance Fee: Free
Venue Omotesando Hills Main Building Space O
4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Venue Space Approx. 448㎡
Sponsor AGC Asahi Glass (AGC)
ARTENVARCH: Norihisa Kawashima, Keika Sato
LUFTZUG: Yutaka Endo
qubibi: Kazumasa Teshigawara
 2016 NOSIGNER: Eisuke Tachikawa
Izumi Okayasu
 2017 Jin Kuramoto, Raw-Edges
Planning and Production ASATSU-DK INC., ADK Arts Inc.
Inquiries Concerning AGC and its Products:
Kazumi Tamaki, General Manager of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Office,
Corporate Planning Division, AGC Asahi Glass
Contact: Aoi Takahashi
TEL: +81-3-3218-5603
E-mail: milan.info@agc.com

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