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AGC's infoverre Window Series Bar Type Adopted for Keihan Electric Railway 3000 Series Premium Cars

AGC (Headquarters: Tokyo; President & CEO: Takuya Shimamura) and ParaSign (officially Kotsu Dengyosha Co., Ltd.; Headquarters: Osaka; President: Takeiki Aizono) have combined efforts to develop in-train signage for Keihan Electric Railway, resulting in AGC's 'infoverre Window Series Bar Type' glass signage which will be adopted in Keihan Electric Railway's 3000 Series Premium Cars*1, slated to begin operation in January 2021. This marks the world's first-ever*2 installation of destination-info displays for viewing from the train exterior that are integrated into the car's side window. infoverre is also being used for passenger-facing info displays inside the train.
3000 Series Premium Car 3000 Series Premium Car
In 2013, AGC developed infoverre, a product with distinct advantages including outstanding visibility, design, and space efficiency. Today this product is being used for digital glass signage in trains, platform screen doors in stations, departure info displays and a variety of other locations.

The 'infoverre Window Series Bar Type' is a product with a liquid crystal display encased within the cavity of double-glazed glass, which was achieved by combining AGC's multi-layer glass manufacturing technology with the product development and manufacturing technology of infoverre. ParaSign technology is used to control the LCD. Its key features are as follows:

・A miniaturized control PCB (printed circuit board) that uses specialized long-distance image transmission technology to separate certain control functions from the display and mount them on the exterior.
・Achieves space efficiency and stylish design by encapsulating an ultra-compact control PCB, which fits in the mere 16 mm cavity of 26 mm thick double glazing, and an destination-info display.
・Provides both clear visibility from the exterior and ample durability by integrating the liquid crystal display and double glazing.
・Maintains the energy-saving and condensation-preventing benefits of double-glazed glass by utilizing specialized transmission cables with superior airtightness.

Structure of the infoverre Window Series Bar Type unit Structure of the 'infoverre Window Series Bar Type' unit
AGC and ParaSign plan to continue contributing to the realization of next-generation rail cars that allow riders to enjoy an environment of safety, peace-of-mind and comfort.

*1 Keihan Electric Railway's special designated-seating trains. Of the six newly-constructed cars in the 3000 series, the sixth car is scheduled for installation of this new product.
*2 According to AGC research as of April 30, 2020


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