Functional sheet

Sheet in which a coating is applied to a general sheet, and an additional function with printing, etc. is added. It can be selected for a wide variety of applications such as architecture/civil engineering, and industry.


  • Weather resistance, abrasive resistance, heat insulation, and designability, etc.
  • CARBOGLASSSG(W) and CARBOGLASSSG-AH can be used in custom-made products
  • Excellent in shock resistance
  • It has a feature in which the flame goes out when moved away from a flame source, and there is less concern over toxic gas compared to plastics
  • Operating temperature has a wide range from -40℃ to +125℃
  • Products with the certification DW-9054 are also available
  • Easy to process (i.e. cutting, drilling)
  • Specific gravity 1.2 (specific gravity of CARBOGLASSCFR110C is 1.32)

Product list

Brand Product name Color Features
CARBOGLASS XL frost pattern Clear High weather resistance sheet on one surface (matte on one surface)
CARBOGLASS XLW 4 colors High weather resistance sheet on both surfaces
CARBOGLASS High weather resistance sheet on both surfaces
CARBOGLASS SGW frost pattern Clear High weather resistance sheet on both surfaces (matte on one surface)
CARBOGLASS SG-AH Clear Abrasive resistance/Weather resistance sheet (coating on one surface/both surfaces)
CARBOGLASS Antistatic sheet on both surfaces (polish on both surfaces)
CARBOGLASS DEFR Light opal/Opal Diffusion/Nonbromine-/Nonphosphorus-based flame-retardant sheet
CARBOGLASS PURE EFR Clear Nonbromine-/Nonphosphorus-based flame retardant sheet
  • Since March 1, 2014, sales of LEXAN SG305 and MARGARD have been transferred to SABIC Innovative Plastics Japan Ltd.



Polycarbonate sheet with high weather resistance coating applied on both surfaces so as to prevent yellowing/deterioration, and maintain the original transparency for a long time. It excels in appearance, and there is hardly any distortion on the surface specific to the high weather resistance sheet.