Supporting the Evolution
of Cities and Mobility

—Contributing to the realization of
safe and comfortable urban infrastructure

The AGC Group provides a diverse range of materials and solutions, from materials for the living infrastructure that is indispensable for urban activities to components that are important for the development of an information-oriented and IoT society. In the auto industry, which is undergoing a major transformation, we are working to support a comfortable mobility society through the development of key materials that support the industry’s evolution.

Developing social infrastructure

Pursuing quality and stable supply of products indispensable for urban activities

Urbanization is progressing worldwide. The rapid economic growth that accompanies urbanization is increasing the need for developing infrastructure as well as for addressing problems such as traffic congestion and air pollution. In addition, there is a growing societal demand for greater resilience to natural disasters.

The AGC Group provides a wide variety of materials and solutions in support of buildings and living infrastructure that are essential for urban activities. Both quality and a constant and stable supply of these must be pursued. The AGC Group is committed to fulfilling its social responsibilities in both regards. Our lineup of chlor-alkali products, which include caustic soda and chlorine produced by electrolysis of salt water, are indispensable basic products for various industries and support the livelihoods of people around the world. The AGC Group is taking on the challenge of building a supply chain that will ensure a continuous supply of these essential products for daily life, even in the event of an unprecedented disaster.

Developing social infrastructure
Thoughts from AGC Group employees facing up to the challenges

Chlor-alkali products, centered on caustic soda and chlorine, are indispensable materials for infrastructure development and are used in a variety of products that are essential to people's lives around the world. Here we will introduce AGC Chemicals Vietnam's efforts to manufacture and sell these products in Vietnam, where domestic demand is rapidly increasing.

Achieving safe, comfortable mobility

Taking on the challenge of developing key materials that expand the possibilities of automobiles

The world of mobility is undergoing a major transformation amidst the technological revolution known as "CASE”: Connected, Autonomous/Automated, Shared and Electric. Safe and comfortable mobility will be a common need in the future for all people around the world.

The AGC Group is taking on the challenge of realizing a comfortable mobility society through the development of key materials for displays, antennas, and sensors that will expand the possibilities of future automobiles. Touch panel displays for cars are required to be larger in size and more complex in shape as well as offer greater functionality. The AGC Group has developed the world's first 3D cover glass for car displays with complex shapes, which has received high acclaim from major European and other car manufacturers as a product with great design and safety features. WONDERLITE® Dx, a dimmable glass used for the exterior glass of cars, has the ability to instantly control the amount of light transmitted. In the dimming mode, the glare from the sun is reduced, while in the transmissive mode, a sense of openness can be enjoyed, providing a comfortable interior vehicle space.

Achieving safe, comfortable mobility
Thoughts of AGC Group employees facing up to the challenges

The panoramic roof provides both an open cabin environment and a comfortable cabin temperature through the use of proprietary glass with high heat-shielding and thermal-insulation performance. Here we will present the challenges facing our employees in achieving a new mobility and a sustainable society as the functions required of automotive glass become ever more diverse.

Building an info-oriented, IoT society

Creating cutting-edge materials and solutions for the next change

We live in an age where a wide variety of information is indispensable for both business and daily life. Innovation is rapidly advancing, with devices becoming more sophisticated and a transition being made to the next-generation "5G" communication standard, requiring an environment in which all people can access necessary information wherever they are.

The AGC Group regards electronics as one of its strategic businesses and undertakes research and development on various materials and solutions used in the displays that constitute the gateway through which information passes in and out, the semiconductors that make up the very heart of information processing, and other devices indispensable for the coming information-oriented and IoT society. The key to the evolution of semiconductors is the miniaturization of circuit patterns. The AGC Group supports the miniaturization efforts of semiconductor manufacturers with mask blanks, an important component of EUV (extreme ultraviolet) lithography technology, and ceria slurry, an indispensable polishing material for miniaturization processing. In addition, many optical components will be used in augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) glasses, which are expected to become next-generation devices second only to smartphones in popularity. The AGC Group is also actively engaged in developing new products capable of meeting the needs of the coming age based on optoelectronics technologies cultivated through the development of products designed for digital cameras.

Building an info-oriented, IoT society
Thoughts from AGC Group employees facing up to challenges

Semiconductors are embedded in all electrical appliances and electronic devices, and AGC develops components that play an important role in miniaturizing semiconductors. Here we will discuss the challenges confronting employees as they have continued to respond to the difficult demands of manufacturers of cutting-edge semiconductors.